Happy 3rd Birthday SerialTrainer7 Ltd

Happy Birthday SerialTrainer7 Ltd

Today is the third birthday of SerialTrainer7 Ltd and goodness it has flown by.

After 25 experience of training and developing people, my business was set up three years ago with the aim of creating training that has a real impact on employees, by getting them where they need to be quicker, and leaving them there better. Simply by being relevant.

SerialTrainer7 Ltd has in its first three years delivered relevant sales and management training to over 3,500 delegates in over 50 businesses in various sectors, countries and environments. Training has been delivered mostly in Sales Development, Leadership and Management Skills be it in classrooms, seminars or coaching. My terrific client’s have not been backward in wanting to tell the world about how relevant and effective they have found it too, just check out the testimonials. Talk about rewarding!

It is impossible for me to fully express how much I love what I do, to have the honour, and the privilege of being chosen to work with brilliant people like the ones in this photo, in brilliant business over and over again.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of those businesses that have chosen SerialTrainer7 Ltd as their relevant training provider. For all of those businesses I have yet to meet, and we will meet; you can be assured of my commitment to getting your people there faster and leaving them there better.

If you would like to talk about the sales or management development of your people please drop me a line at Simon@serialtrainer7.com or call on 07979 537824


What A Difference a Day Makes- One Year On.

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What a Difference a Day Makes?

This blog is a bit like therapy for me, you see it is my first birthday;  my first business birthday that is.  I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the year and share some of my experiences to people who might be just about to ‘take the plunge’..1st Bday.

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Training Set Up – The Devil is in the Detail.


Training Layout – The Devil is in the detail.

Do you give much thought to this? Are you a trainer who is employed by a provider and turns up to deliver in the hope of finding something that resembles a room suitable for training, but in reality you find something closer to a cupboard/storeroom at best?

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Feedback Forms – Do we really want to know?


Feedback Forms – Do we really want to know?

The humble feedback form; a series of well placed questions, scaled scoring graphs and boxes for comments all laid out ‘pretty like’ on a single sheet, ready for freshly trained delegates to drop in their nuggets of feedback and score accordingly.  This valuable evaluation tool tells trainers how we did, gives us guidance on what to improve, or what to maintain, yet we give it out to delegates at the end of the day, when their brains are addled, they just want to get out and go home, and they are quite simply tired.  So why do we do it then?

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Icebreakers – Do they really?


Icebreakers – Do They Really?

How many courses have you as trainers sat in on or taken part in?  Lots? Yeah me too, and they always start with the obligatory round robin of ‘getting to know you’ type introductions where people tell you who they are, where they have come from, who they work for (bored yet?) and finally the ‘ever so interesting, but toe curling ‘interesting fact’.

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“We’re different” and a little bit defensive too.



“We’re different” and a little bit defensive too.

Training can be so hit and miss.  It starts often being sold in the wrong way by the supplier, or worse the sales people they employ to sell them.  ( I am not going to start about the quality of salespeople employed to sell sales training, oh no, I will save that little gem for another time.)

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