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This is a special part of my site, somewhat self indulgent, and something I am very appreciative of; however when people generously take the time to create a testimonial, I want to share them so that you can see for yourself what people have said about me and how useful they have found my training.  Indulge this humble training consultant sharing some of these with you. Please feel free to get in touch with me via

My Wonderful Clients I’ve Trained & Coached

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General Advocacy for SerialTrainer7

“A day with Simon is a treat and a pleasure. In only a day, Simon’s Presentation Skills training carefully developed and nurtured an atmosphere where the whole team were confident presenting to an audience without notes or props. I would highly recommend Simon for his depth of knowledge and development skills but more importantly for his fun and engaging style of training. ”
Michael King. SearchStar. Bath. Presenting Magically.

“Simon’s approach to training is involving and motivational, providing a comprehensive understanding of all topics covered as well as any applicable knowledge and toolsets. I really appreciated his understanding and open approach which encouraged participants to get involved and to contribute while taking away with them techniques for future individual self-improvement.”
DC-VR Delegate

“Simon demonstrated a high level of expertise. His training was clear and immediately actionable and he was sensitive to all my teams’ needs. In addition, his style was open and inviting to questions and he willingly gave his time to responding to questions thoroughly. He provided a fun and engaging learning environment. Simon is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious. He is courteous and considerate and I would certainly recommend him for any future training.”
Bill Austin, Head of Direct Services, Trowbridge Town Council

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Sales Training Testimonials for SerialTrainer7

“Working with Simon is one of the best decisions I’ve made. He has brought so much to the sales team and made us a stronger organisation. He is on hand whenever you need him and he really does offer post training assistance to delegates, something most trainers fail to deliver. Personally I find him a great sounding board and would strongly recommend working with him. Without doubt a great man and someone I know I will always stay in touch with.”
Andrew Boxer. Sales Director. Factory Media

“Without a doubt, Simon is the best trainer i have worked with. He has the tools and analyzing capabilities which helped me perform better and see immediate results. He is fully dedicated to helping and has a very simple but effective guiding method which I appreciate. I would recommend him to any company that is interested to get more out of their sales team!”
Niv Silberman Account Manager Yachting Pages Media Group

“Simon’s training technique and his personality are an inspiration to me. He gets his message across very efficiently and tailors his approach to each individual. He realises the importance of how everyone is different and his advice and training is always relevant and specific. I enjoy my training sessions with Simon very much and always come away with a positive feeling and excitment of putting his advice into action. Simon has a way of making you feel respected and valued and I am grateful for all the knowledge he has passed onto me. I truly believe his intentions are to make me better at my work but also as a person. I am very happy to recommend his training to anyone wanting no nonsense training and advice in sales”
Laura Presley Account Manager Yachting Pages Media Group

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Personal Development & Coaching Testimonials for SerialTrainer7

“Simon is naturally very perceptive and a great listener.”
Richard Mason Partnership Director. Motorexpo

“He challenges me to take responsibility for my personal performance and always tailors training to individual circumstances. I apply his advice and always experience direct results, he is the most effective trainer and coach I have ever encountered.”
Clair Atkins Account Director Future Plus

“Simon offered both professional and personal help at a time I needed it to progress.”
Will Guyatt. Communications Manager. Instagram

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Management Development Testimonials

“Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you very much for the 2 day training session on Thursday and Friday. Genuinely thought it was fantastic and will make me a better Manager going forward. Your manner and style is truly an inspiration”
Andy Baker MediaClash

“I really enjoyed the recent  management course. You have helped me gain some of my confidence back and made me believe I have the ability to fulfil my role here and face the obstacles that challenge me. I feel more like myself again. You have a rare and special talent and I look forward to any future meetings.”
Supervisor. Local Council

“Simon is an excellent coach who is articulate, warm and very knowledgable…I enjoy listening to him and feel comfortable with him.”
Rebecca Mellers. Supervisor. Trowbridge Council.

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