Management Development Advocacy

“Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you very much for the 2 day training session on Thursday and Friday. Genuinely thought it was fantastic and will make me a better Manager going forward. Your manner and style is truly an inspiration”
Andy Baker MediaClash

“I really enjoyed the recent  management course. You have helped me gain some of my confidence back and made me believe I have the ability to fulfil my role here and face the obstacles that challenge me. I feel more like myself again. You have a rare and special talent and I look forward to any future meetings.”
Supervisor. Local Council

“Simon is an excellent coach who is articulate, warm and very knowledgable…I enjoy listening to him and feel comfortable with him.”
Rebecca Mellers. Supervisor. Trowbridge Council

“Extremely good at reading people and their situations.”
Ben Mason. Supervisor. Active Trowbridge

“Couldn’t have been presented better. Simon is extremely inspiring. Best training I have EVER had.”
Tom Holden Asst Store Manager. Hargroves Cycles

“It was, hands down, the best training day I have had so far in my career.”
Sam Blacklock. Briefing Media

“If you want to be a better Manager/Leader or want to improve your overall business skills in general, don’t waste another moment. Simon is the best trainer that I have worked with.”
Michael Grinde. Senior Manager. Sales Operations and Monetization. FutureUS

“I feel very fortunate to have gone through his management training as I felt that it helped me to re-evaluate my management skills and see where improvements need to be made.”
Ying Li. Accounting Manager. FutureUS

“He is the kind of person you miss when he’s not there, and the man you want when the demands of the job seem insurmountable, simply because he can lead a team while making you think you’re doing the leading yourself.”
Shaun Weston Managing Editor Digital. FoodBev Media Ltd.

“He helped me challenge myself to become the strong leader I needed to be. I was able to secure training from him that equipped my team and myself to handle the challenges and pressures being faced. Simon helped us develop as individuals to allow us to realise our full potential and deliver the business goals.”
Ron Kelly. Head of Media Sales. Higgs International Publishing Ltd & Sector Head Publishing for DHL Global Forwarding

“A dedicated individual who is focussed, driven and excels in the environment he works in. His attention to detail and commitment are just part of the make up that make him an exemplary operator.”
David Bloomfield. Commercial DIrector. Ink Publishing.