One to One Coaching

Employees can have learning outcomes that are either developmental, corrective or reward based.  From time to time, and depending on the learning style and preference of the individual a one to one approach is more appropriate.  This is where one to one coaching can be effective.

Sessions are carried out on or off site, whichever is most appropriate, and tend to last around 90minutes. The sessions are safe and confidential where each person can express themselves in a constructive manner with no fear of judgement.   The number of sessions required depends on the outcomes of each individual.   Have a read through some of the learning based examples and then click on the link to find out how to get started.

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Developmental Coaching

Where an individual wishes to be better at a skill such as people management, developing their leadership approach or even being more assertive.

Corrective Coaching

When an employee either through a performance management process or through a lack of support requires a corrective form of development such as improving their time management skills or communication techniques

Reward Coaching

When an employee has met an objective and is ready for the their next step the manager may choose to reward them with supplementary development such as stepping into management, project management skills or leading an effective appraisal.

“Simon is naturally very perceptive and a great listener.”
Richard Mason, Partnership Director, Motorexpo

“He challenges me to take responsibility for my personal performance and always tailors training to individual circumstances. I apply his advice and always experience direct results, he is the most effective trainer and coach I have ever encountered.”
Clair Atkins, Account Director, Future Plus

“If you want to be a better Manager/Leader or want to improve your overall business skills in general, don’t waste another moment. Simon is the best trainer that I have worked with.”
Michael Grinde, Senior Manager, Sales Operations and Monetization, FutureUS

Contact me to get started on your coaching journey by emailing, calling Simon on 07979 537824 or use the form below. Thank you for considering the services of SerialTrainer7.

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