Personal Development & Coaching Advocacy

“Simon is naturally very perceptive and a great listener.”
Richard Mason Partnership Director. Motorexpo

“He challenges me to take responsibility for my personal performance and always tailors training to individual circumstances. I apply his advice and always experience direct results, he is the most effective trainer and coach I have ever encountered.”
Clair Atkins Account Director Future Plus

“Simon is ridiculously good. There, I said it. Be it training, coaching, strategic or professional advice-his enthusiasm to solve any problem and the world a better place is completely contagious. Work with him once and you’ll be enthusing as much as I am.”
Sean Atkins. Digital Director. Future Plus

“He is a truly lovely person and a very skilled trainer and business coach.”
Richard Foster. European Managing Director. Krux Digital

“Simon is a good listener and a great motivator, nothing is too much trouble.”
Kate Stothard. Asst Manager. Future PhotoStudio

“Simon helped me develop my career, and has supported me the whole way. Simon saw my potential and pushed me in the right direction.”
Polly Beauchamp. Rights Manager. IP & Commissioning. Future

“Simon offered both professional and personal help at a time I needed it to progress.”
Will Guyatt. Communications Manager. Instagram

“Simon was invaluable to myself, when I began to co-host a series of in-house training seminars. He really took the time to make me feel as if I could communicate quite complicated ideas effectively in a short space of time, even though I’d never hosted a large scale formal training session before.”
Joss Hutton Digital & Print Project Manager.