Game, Set and Match – Selling Against the Competitors!

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Game, Set & Match-Selling Against the Competition

Are you going to be glued to the telly this weekend by chance? A perfect summer afternoon (raining?) watching (with strawberries & cream?) racket wielding sports giants battling it out to win the most coveted prize in tennis, Wimbledon. I must admit I am not a fan of the old bat ’n’ ball but the element of competition is not lost on me. Why? Well selling is all about being competitive, winning the business and competing against others in the same market, all looking for a piece of the same pie!

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Strategy – The Light in the Fog



Strategy-Looking for the Light in the Fog.

Management words make me laugh out loud, not because they are particularly funny, but because many managers like using them and do not really have a ‘Scooby doo’ what they mean. Just because they are a manager they feel they have to engage in this ‘high register’ line of chitchat, which somehow makes them sound or appear ‘managerial’. Amongst these word is ‘strategy’. You here it a lot on The Apprentice, “what was your strategy?” or “we didn’t have a strategy” and more often “the reason we failed the task Sir Alan, was because we didn’t have a strategy.” I swear you could play a drinking game with that word. Every time the ‘S’ word is dropped you take a drink. You’d be on your back in no time. Now that is a strategy!

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