Happy 3rd Birthday SerialTrainer7 Ltd

Happy Birthday SerialTrainer7 Ltd

Today is the third birthday of SerialTrainer7 Ltd and goodness it has flown by.

After 25 experience of training and developing people, my business was set up three years ago with the aim of creating training that has a real impact on employees, by getting them where they need to be quicker, and leaving them there better. Simply by being relevant.

SerialTrainer7 Ltd has in its first three years delivered relevant sales and management training to over 3,500 delegates in over 50 businesses in various sectors, countries and environments. Training has been delivered mostly in Sales Development, Leadership and Management Skills be it in classrooms, seminars or coaching. My terrific client’s have not been backward in wanting to tell the world about how relevant and effective they have found it too, just check out the testimonials. Talk about rewarding!

It is impossible for me to fully express how much I love what I do, to have the honour, and the privilege of being chosen to work with brilliant people like the ones in this photo, in brilliant business over and over again.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of those businesses that have chosen SerialTrainer7 Ltd as their relevant training provider. For all of those businesses I have yet to meet, and we will meet; you can be assured of my commitment to getting your people there faster and leaving them there better.

If you would like to talk about the sales or management development of your people please drop me a line at Simon@serialtrainer7.com or call on 07979 537824


Sales Persistence – Don’t Be A Stranger

Sales Persistence – Don’t Be A Sales Stranger

For those of you with Netflix out there, I really hope you have had the pleasure of their new and original series Stranger Things, truly a brilliant piece of TV. If you have not watched it then get it in, you won’t regret it. Continue reading Sales Persistence – Don’t Be A Stranger

Referrals -The Holy Grail of Sales – Who You Know or What You Know?

Referrals –  The Holy Grail of Sales – Who You Know or What You Know?

As a sales trainer and coach, I am so lucky to meet what I think are some of the finest and most talented salespeople. Working in sales in not easy, and the expectations placed on them by the people that manage them can be overwhelming especially in terms of selling on profitability, or volume or just getting the money in. Continue reading Referrals -The Holy Grail of Sales – Who You Know or What You Know?

Top 12 Recommended Books for Sales People

Every sales training course or coaching session that I deliver always incorporates supporting material to bring to life the skills, tips and tactics offered throughout.  Lots of delegates like to have a recommended reading list to go through and keep as part of their tool kit. However, there are so many books out there that often getting the right one can be hit and miss.Well let me do the work for you. Continue reading Top 12 Recommended Books for Sales People

Sales – Prevent Objections with The Power of 3

As a sales trainer, I often hear sales delegates asking how to get over some of the tricky objections. The most common of course being “I have no budget”, “wrong time of year” “I can get it cheaper elsewhere” etc. Dealing with objections can be tricky and if sales people cannot anticipate what is coming, then each time it happens the sales person is caught unawares. Objections are going to happen, but if we examine the reasons why clients object or more specifically why a client didn’t buy, we can learn that it is in large part down to three things. 1- the client doesn’t want it enough, 2- the seller hasn’t made themself unique enough and 3 – the client simply doesn’t believe. Continue reading Sales – Prevent Objections with The Power of 3

Sales: Questioning Skills – Interrogation or Conversation?


Conversation or Interrogation – The Power of Questioning in Sales

I spend a lot of my time coaching sales people and it is no surprise to find that they know an incredible amount about their own markets and products. This knowledge for the most part is coming from trade press, in house information and research on the web, and not as one might think from the clients they are selling to. Continue reading Sales: Questioning Skills – Interrogation or Conversation?

Client Synergy – What Sales People Can Learn from Personal Trainers


Client Synergy – What Salespeople can Learn from Personal Trainers.

Are you are regular gym goer? Doesn’t matter if not, but if you are you can’t not have noticed the Personal Trainers there working with their clients.  Personal Trainers are amazing really, they have truly outstanding interpersonal skills that help build rapport and trust in people very quickly. Think about it, why do people use a Personal Trainer in the first place? Usually it is because the person wants to be thinner, leaner, bigger, stronger, faster or simply healthier.  Continue reading Client Synergy – What Sales People Can Learn from Personal Trainers

Understanding the Buyer’s Psychological Perspective




Agenda-Understanding Client Buying Journey, behaviour and motivation.

The overall message-

Before you can walk in someone else’s shoes, you must first take off your own.”

The overall message-

“Before you can walk in someone else’s shoes, you must first take off your own.”

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The Sales Journey



How do I become a better Sales Person?

The Sales Journey

“We here at Factory Media chose Simon over a number of other trainers as his approach was relevant, unique and specifically tailored to the business. Initial feedback from the team included “the best sales training I have ever had” and within days of the sales training being delivered we noticed an uplift in quality of sales calls and more importantly an improvement on sales.” Chris Brown. Head of Sales. Factory Media

The Overall Message

The sales person is the most talented of business people. Persuasive, Tenacious and very creative the sales person has a natural rapport building ability that enables them to spot a goal, problem or need that they can apply their own specific product to therefore helping a customer make money.

Whether you are selling advertising space, retail products or tailored professional services such as personal training; this journey delivered by a true sales-professional can and will enable you to make more money for your clients and yourself.

The outline below is a snap-shot of what can be offered by the serial trainer 7. Please click through my other specific journeys for more detail.

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