A Journey Through Time



How do I manage my time more effectively?

A Journey Through Time 

“If I had nine hours to chop down a tree, I would spend six hours sharpening the axe.” Abraham Lincoln

The Overall Message

Most people struggle to get the most of their day, ending up having less time for themselves and giving more and more time to their employers. This lack of work life balance often needs the help of a good time management and personal effectiveness approach.

What are the logistics of the journey through time?

The interactive journey is delivered to maximum group size of 12 people in a full day format. Delegates are encouraged to share their experiences and to bring examples of areas they need support with.

Serial Trainer 7 also offers coaching one-to-one to create a calibrated experience specific to your needs.

Who is this ‘Journey’ suitable for?

The Journey through time is suitable for anyone who needs help

  1. The panic driven person, who is always rushing from point a to point b often late and needs support in just grasping more control on their day.
  2. The person who cannot say ‘no’ to anyone and ends up being dumped on with tasks that just adds to their overall workload.
  3. The poor planner who cannot prioritise effectively often ending procrastinating their way through the day
  4. The ‘stress monkey’ who is simply worn down by too much of everything going on and needs some help and support in managing their time

What will Attendees learn from taking a Journey through time?

The journey through time focuses on linking effective time management with stress, quality, project and people management, this helps to stop the view of managing time as something separate rather than integral to a role.

  1. Job Management-What exactly is the job you perform and what areas are you good at, how to maximise on this strength with a view to improving on areas that challenge.
  2. Task Management- Identification of specific types of task within your job and how to effectively identify certain tasks, planning for them as necessary, reacting as and when needed.
  3. Delegation and Prioritising- without emotion, an effective process to help get the right tasks done in the right order at the right time without conflict and without procrastination.
  4. Planning your time-getting the most out of your day ahead by looking back at the day before, planning your week ahead and your month ahead using critical path analysis and mind mapping to create clear goals and objectives
  5. Extra tools on how to manage interruptions, meetings, emails, distractions with real life examples from a trainer who actually does what they train-imagine that!
  6. Actually doing it- putting a plan into place that can be implemented the minute you get back to the environment that is causing the issue, be it work or home.

To book your team’s Journey through time or to discuss a one-to-one session please contact Simon Hares at simon@serialtrainer7.com, visit www.serialtrainer7.com and call me on 07979 537824.

Thank you for considering the services of the Serial Trainer 7.

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