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How do I become a better Leader Manager?

 The Leader Manager’s Journey 

“Whatever type of manager you are, be a good one.” Abraham Lincoln

The Overall Message

The manager has a role that can be as tough as it can be rewarding. This one-day or two-day ‘journey’ encounters the main tools and techniques required to be an effective leader/manager using real life examples to bring the theory to life and therefore make it useful.

What are the logistics of the leader manager’s journey?

The course is best delivered to maximum groups of 8 people over a one-day period or for more people it is recommended that the course has a two days duration. This allows for enough time for each attendee to contribute effectively.

The option is there for all attendees to have a follow on session, one-to-one with the Serial Trainer to develop any specific skills that may be of particular relevance, interest or challenge to them. This has a great benefit to not only the individual but also to the business as the manager is then able to reflect and apply specific skills and feedback for more help, without impacting negatively on their day to day role.

Who is this ‘Journey’ suitable for? 

The leader Manager’s Journey is ideally suited to managers who need an overview of the management process. The Journey has been created to be effective for the following groups and can further calibrated for specific teams or experience.

  1. The Supervisor- Employees who perform the supervisor function often do not get involved in specific management, however they are very close to the ‘coal face’ of the business. The leader Manager’s journey puts emphasis on areas such as personal influence, motivation and understanding the team, as these are most pertinent in their role.
  2. The New Manager-Any manager who has between six month and a years experience can benefit from the leader managers journey as the messages form part of a best practice approach. The follow up one to one sessions help to reinforce any areas that are more important to the individual manager.
  3. The Experienced Manager-The Leader Manager’s Journey can be ‘turned up’ moving away from the theoretical aspects and applying experiential skills to each of the areas covered.
  4. The Seasoned Manager-Some managers have a great deal of experience and do not necessarily require training per se but a discursive environment to express and share experiences and opinion with other managers. Using the serial Trainer as a facilitator the Leader Managers Journey acts as an agenda for points to discuss creating objectives for each individual in attendance.
  5. Employees with management Potential who could form the next generation of leader managers in an organisation. The Leader Manager’s journey can be adapted as a ‘step up to management’ programme and can identify specific areas of development required for these individuals to work on

What will managers learn and take away on The Leader Managers Journey?

1-   The Role of the Manager

Are we sure we know what our role is? Are clear on how we are measured? This section starts the ball rolling and looks at identifying what our role, as a manager should be. The sessions includes:

  • The Key Functions of the Manager
  • Wheel of Management-Strength Indentifier
  • Proactive VS Reactive Management

2-   Motivation

When we have people working for us, do we truly understand what gets them out of bed in the morning? Do we treat people the same as we expected to be treated? And how can ensure that we are keeping momentum going in a team? The session includes:

  • Personal Motivation-What is important to us
  • The Factors that Drive Motivation
  • Motivational Mapping Tool-A Quick guide for teams
  • What Makes us Come to Work?

3. Leadership

Leadership and management intertwine and this section helps to define exactly what leadership is and where it plays a role. This session asks whether we need leadership or if good management is enough, challenging delegates to think about their own roles.

This section helps to define exactly what leadership is and where it plays a role. This session asks whether we need leadership or if good management is enough, challenging delegates to think about their own roles.

  • Three Schools of Thought
  • Action Centred leadership-A look at tasks, teams and individuals.

4. Personal Influence

Some managers have a natural gift for influencing the individuals in their team towards a goal or outcome. Others struggle and fall back on pulling rank. This session helps to define a manager’s personal influencing style and how to use it to best effect.

  • Questionnaire on Styles

5. Team Building

Many managers start from a team of one and build them up, others inherit teams. Either way it is vital to understand behaviours within teams and how this impacts on productivity. Working with key examples this session helps managers to understand their team. The session includes:

  • The Stages of team development
  • Mourning cycle (Shock, Denial, Anger, Acceptance, Exploring, Testing & Acceptance)
  • Team Roles and contributions

6. Management by Objectives

Delegation and Objective setting a closely aligned and yet how to deploy such tactics is down to timing and appropriateness. In this session the training is focussed on the importance of setting real life objectives, gaining agreement and measuring output and performance. The session includes:

  • Objective Setting
  • Delegation tools for Managers
  • Performance Management vs Managing Performance

7. Effects of Management & Leadership

It is all well and good understanding the previous sections; sometimes it is about having a real grip on what the effects of management can be and how they impact on the manager. The sessions covers the key effects and includes:

  • Stress avoidance
  • 10 Signs of Bad Management
  • Coaching, Development & Training
  • Reward
  • Recruitment

Upon completion of each Manager’s Journey a one to one session with the Serial Trainer helps to focus the manager on what is important to their specific area of their business.

Managers will leave the Leader Manager’s Journey fully equipped to carry out the management function, spending time on what really matters and leading a team that can perform to a high standard with minimal disruption.

To book your team’s leader manager’s journey please contact Simon Hares at, visit and call me on 07979 537824.

Thank you for considering the services of the Serial Trainer 7.

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