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One to One Coaching with SerialTrainer7

The delicate balance of coaching or mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” Steven Spielberg

The overall message

Spending time developing someone’s skills in a one to one situation is invaluable. It enables the individual express their problems, concerns and development areas in a way that is often lost in a training course environment.

One to one coaching needs to be safe and professional with tangible outcomes for the individual to work towards in a time period that is comfortable and achievable.

Simon Hares has been coaching people for over 20 years, and has lots of experience with many different personalities. Using effective questioning skills, NLP based outcomes and personality profiling Simon can quickly uncover and get to the bottom of professional issues or personal development.

Who Is Coaching Suitable For? –

One to one coaching is suitable for anyone seeking an intensive approach to his or her personal and professional development. At any level of a business, big or small, Simon will adapt the sessions according to the individual needs or circumstances.

Simon has had success with people who have been through performance management or disciplinary to help correct any behaviours.

People who have been through change, or need to build up their own personal confidence or develop areas of personal influence have experience big changes working with Simon.

Professionals seeking strategic help with business decisions or those seeking an unbiased view on a situation to help resolve conflict or move towards a more productive outcome.

What you will learn-

One to one coaching is by its nature intensive and often challenging. It can present and uncover issues in a way that traditional training cannot and therefore can be very effective.

All participants will find themselves in a safe, non-judgemental environment, freely able to express views and opinions. Feedback will be given in a way that will help with decision making and taking positive action moving forwards.

To discuss whether one to one coaching with Simon Hares is the right solution for you, then please email or call in confidence 07979 537824.

Thank you for considering the services of the SerialTrainer7.

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