The Journey Towards Assertiveness


The Journey Towards Confidence & Assertiveness

“With confidence, you have won before you have even started.” Marcus Garvey

Many people come to me wanting help with self-confidence, standing up for themselves or speaking to senior managers.

How can I become more assertive? Quite often the answers and help that is required comes from the need to understand and to become more assertive.  This course looks to address our belief systems and how we apply these in not only our professional but also our personal lives.  During the day the course will cover:

  • What assertiveness means, how it affects confidence, and what the benefits to an individual can mean
  • How communication has evolved with time and technology
  • Understanding the different ways that people think and how we can adapt our own behaviour to build rapport
  • Understanding key elements of body language and how to read the ‘signals’.
  • Understanding how different situations require different styles of communication
  • Understand how to speak up with feeling foolish
  • Learning the skills to say ‘No’ without upsetting people
  • Give positive and negative feedback in a way that is constructive and not patronising

This course is highly interactive and calls upon delegates who challenge the way they currently communicate with a view to improving their skills both in work and at home.  You might be interested to know that this course has a follow on course called Influence and Communication Skills.

Please contact Simon Hares on 07979 537824 or at if you would like more information on this course, or if you would like a one to one session to help. 

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