The Negotiation Journey


The Negotiation Journey

“You cannot begin to negotiate until you have an agreement to buy.” Anon

Outline: It has often been said that being a great negotiator is an art.  Well it probably is in some people’s eyes, however, it is also a process, and one that should be stepped into once a buying decision has been made.

Quite often the most that some people will achieve is slight movement on cost or time and end up giving a lot away as a concession.  This is not true negotiation, and this course will help delegates who negotiate with suppliers or salespeople identify when to step into the negotiation process and what to do.   This challenging full day course covers the following key areas:

  • Identify what negotiation is and how it works
  • Understanding the key skills of a good negotiator
  • Define the steps of the negotiation pathway and for every step, each pitfall.
  • Practising negotiating in a number of very different scenarios, each building on the skills of the previous
  • Understanding that not all negotiation has a financial objective

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