Understanding the Buyer’s Psychological Perspective




Agenda-Understanding Client Buying Journey, behaviour and motivation.

The overall message-

Before you can walk in someone else’s shoes, you must first take off your own.”

The overall message-

“Before you can walk in someone else’s shoes, you must first take off your own.”

The trick to getting new business is primarily about building rapport, using good process and not taking your eye off of the financial ball.
Dealing with so many different types of personality can be challenging for anyone not used to sales and building rapport can often be hit and miss, especially with those clients who are not quite so open to it. Trust plays a huge role.
If it was possible to get an insight into how clients make buying decisions and what is really behind their motivation to want your product or service it would therefore, be easier to build rapport, understand their position and ultimately secure their business.

What you will learn-

The cycle the potential PT client will go through when buying the services of a PT
The primary motivators that drive and motivate a PT client to making a decision
The four personality types reflecting their personal motivators, fears, and non verbal behaviour

Session Format
In just 90 minutes, you will be able to take part in a discussion based session at the Bath Guild Co Working Hub from 9.30-11am.

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