Embrace Your Inner Phoenix

Embrace Your Inner Phoenix

Did you watch Eurovision this year? Did you think it dire and foolish, or, like me, did you embrace it and enjoy it for what it is? A spectacle of camp wonder!
This years winner Conchita Wurst, did a great bond-esque number and dazzled the crowd. Raking in maximum votes from many countries, she won hands down, beard and all!


Her song Rise Like A Phoenix works on so many levels, and for many people going through changes in their world, whether in relationships, work or otherwise it resonates. “You wouldn’t know me at all today, from the fading light I fly.” Once this change has taken place, there is a feeling of newness to the world. This is healthy, and should be embraced as such, of course some changes can be uncomfortable, and take some getting used to, but on the whole things work out OK. Adaptation is key, how long we take to adapt is up to us.

In life no one can stand still forever, things have to change, Heraclitus is famous for his quote “The only constant in life is change.” And whether in a position at work, or staying with an employer, or even keeping to familiar habits within a marriage, it makes no difference, in time these things will change. Some changes may be subtle, others quite extreme, they have to happen and change itself does not discriminate, it is happy imposing its’ will on anyone it cares to meet.

If we welcome change we do not call it ‘change’ we say; ‘evolve’ or ‘reinvent’ but when we don’t like it, then ‘change’ it is, we resist and we kick against it. This is due to the fear of the unknown, the risk, we don’t like it, we feel threatened. This is natural. The thing is, when you look around, there are lots of negative people about, they thrive on misery and other peoples worry and misfortune. Negativity sticks to us like shit to a blanket too. These folk read scandal rag media, searching out little bits of woe and if they cannot find any, then they will moan about something else, like the weather. Ever notice how when we get cold weather we moan? We bang on about wanting a lovely summer and when it comes we moan it is too hot. We seek ‘perfect’; but perfect doesn’t exist, it never has and never will. Why? Because things change, or evolve, or reinvent and we have to get used to it. Try to avoid people who reinforce and magnify change out of all proportion.

How about we turn the negativity into something else, not cheesy positivity that is too cliche and for some, just too hard. Try this instead perhaps “it doesn’t matter.” Or “I don’t care.” Or “let it go.” Try them on for size. If you cannot control things because decisions are being made above your head, then why not give these a go, it can’t hurt. As the song goes from Frozen “I don’t care, what they’re going to say. Let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered me anyway.” it can certainly make the immediate future look brighter, even if for only a brief time and that is better.

If we apply a little dose of mindfulness to this new mix, then we can examine things from the present moment perspective. Stop thinking about what will be, or what might be; that doesn’t exist yet. Think about now, oh, that has just gone by the way, that is the great thing about ‘right now’ as soon as you have it has gone, moved on, changed. So try it, focus on the moment, nothing is wrong, you are fine, you are more than fine, you are perfect. It’s all good, and whilst others might choose consciously or subconsciously to wallow, you can be your own red hot bird and rise like a phoenix. You could grow a little beard too if you like…

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