The Journey Away from Stress using Mindfulness


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A Journey Away from Stress using Mindfulness.

We know that stress is out there, and like a toxin, it is poisoning our lives both personally and professionally, impacting on those around us. In order to get through it, a journey into understanding the dread, the anxiety and patterns we fall into to try and cope needs to be undertaken.

This journey takes the form of a practical  workshop and discussion and is suitable for two specific groups of people.  First, for those who are experiencing symptoms of stress and would like some help in keeping control.  Second, for those people who manage others in situations that could become pressurised and potentially stressful, an example may well be significant change in the workplace.

An overview of the session.

Part 1-Understanding the problems

  • what work pressure can do to us, examples and causes
  • learning from different views on pressure and stress
  • understanding stress in terms of the frequency, duration and intensity
  • dealing with the concept of dread-one of the main culprits

Part 2- Moving things forward

  • how we can cope, the things we can do to break the cycle
  • the relationship between the time of day and our ability to cope
  • Mindfulness. How a simple yet very powerful process can keep our feet on the ground and our thoughts in context
  • Practicing Mindfulness-putting it into practice with some easy to use techniques

If you would like more information or to discuss the opportunity of having this session delivered into your business, then please contact me Simon Hares at or call 07979 537824 for an informal chat.

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