How to Become More Commercially Aware





How to Become More Commercially Aware

This competitive one day course pits teams against each other to see who can make the best commercial decisions and ultimately make the most profit. Using a game based format, teams run a fictitious business for a simulated year. During this time frame teams will learn the following skills.

  • How to create a brand and brand message that is original and relevant
  • How to manage time and resources effectively
  • How to create impactful marketing and advertising material across multiple platforms
  • How to forecast effectively using market research and insight
  • How change affect business decisions
  • How to target specific markets and demographics
  • Understanding the concept of the USP and how to apply it.
  • How to communicate and present clearly

This is a fun and very active course, if you would like to find out more, please contact or call Simon on 0979 537824. Thank you for considering the services of SerialTrainer7.

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