How to Manage Time Effectively in Sales





How to Manage Time Effectively in Sales

Whether it is finding enough hours in the day to make enough calls, attending ad manager meetings or the constant barrage of requests and interruptions from colleagues and client, many salespeople struggle with their time management.   After an initial discussion to identify personal issues, this interactive one day course will give delegates practical help and real advice to help them to become more efficient.

The course will cover the following time management objectives:

  • How to get the most of from your whole day
  • Prioritising key tasks
  • Identifying when it is appropriate to say ‘No’
  • How to effectively delegate tasks away
  • Dealing with interruptions
  • Understanding the difference between ‘urgent’ and ‘important’
  • Managing your email more effectively

Quite often attendees are a mixture of those people that really want improve their skills, and those who have been told by their manager that they need help and has become an objective through their appraisal.   Either way this course can make a huge difference in helping salespeople to improve any bad habits and making some really great leaps in personal effectiveness, whilst at the same time making sales

To book your team or to find out more about this course contact or call Simon on 07979 537824. Thank you so much for considering the services of Serialtrainer7.

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