How to Write A Sales Proposal





How to Write A Sales Proposal

A one-day course requiring delegates to bring along laptops and examples of proposals they are currently using, with a view to recreating them using a tool kit of skills.

  • The Write Stuff Understanding what a proposal is and how it represents a ‘sales person on paper’, having their ‘voice and tone’ within a structure that is easy to read and understand.
  • The Reader Experience A short session demonstrating what happens to clients in terms of thinking when they read a commercial proposal and how it can affect decision making.
  • Structure and Components How to create a structured proposal using specific sections and pieces of information tailored to the client. Each section must include information about the client’s goals and needs and should include elements of the value proposition to minimise the chance of rejection.
  • The Virtual Compliment Slip This valuable tool is under-utilized and in this section the group are taught how to use it and how to maximize the subject line of an email to great effect.
  • Look into my eyes! The skills of ‘hypnotic writing’ as suggested by Joe Vitale make for exciting and interesting dynamics being added to a proposal.
  • Words That Change Minds In this session we look at how specific words can mirror what a client wants and can affect their perception of what is on offer.
  •  Putting it Together In a scenario that is outside of the delegate’s knowledge, they are asked to create a proposal to practise using the tools and skills.
  • Applications to their own Markets Here delegates are asked to rewrite their own client proposals adapting them where needed to make them more uniform and effective.

Please contact or phone 07979 537824 for more information or to book onto this training.  Thank you for considering the services of Serialtrainer7.

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