Leading An Effective Appraisal or Performance Review



Leading An Effective Appraisal

or Performance Review

The annual appraisal can often be something that managers view as a ‘tick in the box’ and needs to be done quickly and efficiently allowing them to get back to actually doing their job.  This is all well and good, but their employees need to be developed and given a steer on where they are performing well and in some cases not so well.  This is where the appraisal comes in. This course will give managers the tools to set up the meeting, carry it out and set clear objectives that the appraisee can then apply and own moving forward in the next stage of their career.

Depending on the needs of your business, this course can be delivered in a full or half day format, or as a one to one coaching session if a more supportive approach is required.  This course is suitable for new managers who have no experience of appraising employees and also for experience managers looking to improve their skills.

  • The differences between a performance review and an appraisal together with the benefits to the individual, the team and the business
  • How to prepare for the appraisal with a view to the environment, the subject matter and the communication style
  • Giving feedback in a constructive way
  • Structuring the appraisal that is fair and easy to follow
  • Setting objectives with a view to solving problems using NLP questioning skills
  • Dealing with conflict and giving bad news
  • Coaching the appraise and making things work after the meeting.

To book your managers onto this course please email simon@serialtrainer7.com or call Simon on 07979 537824. Thanks you for considering the services of SerialTrainer7

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