Advanced Communication Skills – Influence, Power & Dependancy

Developing our skills in communication is an ongoing process and never stops, and people always want to be better at understanding these skills.

Building on the skills learned in the Communication Skills course, this course focusses attention on three specific areas.  Influence, Power and Dependancy.  These areas have been chosen as they have an effect on many areas of peoples business and personal lives yet we take these elements for granted. For anyone who has wanted to improve their own personal brand, their skills as a negotiator or to feel more authentic and credible in their own skin, this course will be helpful.

The course covers the following areas:

  • What is Power? where does it come from and how does it manifest itself in day to day scenarios. How is it used to best effect and how can we get more of it without becoming a tyrant!
  • What is Influence? how does its relationship with power come about and how are influenced everyday without us even knowing it.
  • How is dependancy created, what makes somebody dependant on us and for what? is it healthy? and can it be useful in negotiations?
  • Each of the above mentioned areas is explored using different viewpoints and theories to help us make sense of our world.  The course offers practical tips and techniques to foster better relationships and communication skills with each in mind.

To book your Advanced Communication Skills course please email or call Simon Hares on 07979 537824. Thank you for considering the services of SerialTrainer7.


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