Building Leadership Skills





Building Leadership Skills

Leadership Means different things to different people, but one thing we know for sure is that people will follow a leader and simply work for a manager.  With this in mind, this course looks to develop existing managers into tomorrows leaders using tools and techniques to help them to identify what is needed in their own business.

  • The differences between management, leadership and supervision and the effects on a team
  • How the role of self leadership plays a vital role
  • Leading a team and how to get the best out of individuals
  • The behaviours of a leader and how we go about modeling them for peak performance
  • Understanding the relationship between Time, Project, Quality and Stress Management the fundamentals of leadership
  • Understanding what a leader looks like and how to apply leadership using the leadership spectrum
  • Leading by example and understanding the concept of advocacy and the personal brand
  • Additional content can be added to cover leading teams through times of stress, cultural change or structural change. This last area can be tailored to each organisations needs.

To book your team onto this course please email or call Simon Hares direct on 07979 537824. Thank you for considering the services of Serialtrainer7. 

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