Communication Skills





Communication Skills

Vital to our existence on this earth is our ability to communicate effectively. In business having poor communication skills can lead to people feeling unhappy, misunderstood and confused.  How many times have we misinterpreted what is being said to us? it happens so much. This one day course can be tailored to the specific needs of the delegates in attendance, with content focussed on what is really important to them. This results in a more meaningful experience with delegates leaving the course with great tools and techniques to make them better communicators.

Suggested Areas the can be covered in this course are:

  • How to build confidence in speaking to people you don’t know
  • How to create smalltalk and initiate conversations at a networking event
  • A look at how specific phrases can have a different effect on people depending on the amount of emphasis you put on words.
  • Understanding how people communicate non- verbally using techniques in Body Language
  • How ask effective questions to solve problems using a technique found in NLP
  • What our personality tells others about ourselves and how we can adapt our communication to build rapport
  • The importance of self awareness and self regulation in communication and how to create your own personal censor
  • Personal Branding – a session built around how important our personal brand is in an organisation and how we can come across in a more authentic way
  • How to use communication skills to influence specific outcomes

To book your course please email or phone Simon on 07979 37824. Thank you for considering the services of Serialtrainer7.

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