Project Management Skills




Project Management Skills

This technical course is a useful way to introduce the concept of project management into a business prior to embarking on any formal qualification route. It filters those attendees who really need to be qualified from those who might simply just need a foundation understanding therefore benefitting the budgets of organisations.

The course is designed specifically for those people who work in a purely project management based role.  If there are attendees who need these skills but do not work in a project management role the course can be tailored to their needs specifically.

Project Management covers the following areas:

  • Defining what a project is, and how it should be managed
  • Understanding the structure of a project and how the outcome for using such a method works
  • Planning for the project and creating robust processes to manage each stage with an understanding that the project will not move forward unless these are in place
  • Creating contingency for when things get in the way or goal posts are moved
  • Creating a log of lessons that have been observed, failures that have taken place and successes that need to be repeated and their importance within a project
  • Applying the stage by stage processes to scenarios with a focus purely on the project management aspect rather than the outcome to get delegates used to working within such a framework.

The course can be delivered in a one day, top line format as an overview to project management skills, or as a two to three day intensive course that will embed the skills and give delegates the tools to start working with such a process.

To book your project management course email or call Simon Hares on 07979 537824 to discuss it further. Thank you for considering the services of SerialTrainer7. 

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