Recruitment Excellence





Recruitment Excellence

Recruiting can be time consuming, laborious and if not done correctly risky to a business.  This course is suitable for any manager, supervisor or H.R. professional needing to improve their skills in this area. The course can be delivered either a one day taster or as an in-depth programme of training with a focus on the specific modules.

  • Understanding both sides of the recruitment relationship
  • The role of the Recruitment agency and the guidelines set out by the REC
  • The effective recruitment process and understanding how to create a job description and job specification
  • How to find people and what to do with them when you have them.
  • The effective interview and a guide to questioning fairly.
  • Toxic stuff – Discrimination and the things you cannot say
  • Onboarding and the Induction process

To book your course please email or call me Simon Hares on 079789 537824. Thank you for considering the services of SerialTrainer7.


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