Train the Trainer

Have you ever wanted to become a trainer? Developing people by giving them effective skills and then watching them use them is extremely rewarding. It is however, more than just ‘show and tell’, there are specific skills that help to facilitate learning and make the transfer of skills more effective.

In buisness many companies are looking to develop their own employees into trainers, coaches or mentors.  These people will then be responsible for the development of teams and individuals in line with business objectives.

This one or two day course will equip delegates with the skills to design, deliver and evaluate training in their own business whilst at the same time become a more effective communicator and developer of people.

The trainer Simon Hares has been developing people for over 20 years and has first hand knowledge and expertise in this area. Find out more about Simon Hares.

The course follows the following format:

  • How People Learn – Using tools to identify the four main learning styles and how to adapt training to satisfy each one
  • The Skills Gap – The process of creating a Training Needs Analysis (T.N.A.) and how to implement it
  • Designing a Training Event – Understanding the elements that go into creating a course and how to make it interactive and engaging
  • Delivering a Training Event – more than presenting, the facilitation of training requires specific skills and expertise
  • Evaluating the Training – knowing if the training has worked can be tough, but using tried and tested methods it is possible to see where real value has been delivered and how to improve on where it hasn’t
  • Developing the Skills of a Coach – This section is added only as a specific requirement or if requested. It requires additional time and will equip employees with some fundamental techniques in coaching and mentoring and will help to set them up, when they are ready, for follow up education and potential qualification with an accredited authority.

To book your course please contact or call Simon Hares on 07979 537824. Thank you for considering the services of SerialTrainer7

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