If I Could Turn Back the Clock – Top Tips for an Extra Hour

Tomorrow we all get to ‘turn back the clock’ as the clocks go back an hour to allow for daylight savings in the UK. We often hear people saying “finally an extra hour in bed” and as lovely as that sounds, there must be something more productive that could be done with this extra time. Here are some ideas.

Move it! Get up out of bed the extra hour early and do something positive for your body. Whether that be going for a longer run, pushing some weights a bid harder or even enjoying the morning with your four-legged friend for a longer walk.

Cook it! Pick up a recipe book and cook something really simple that takes no longer than an hour start to finish. Perhaps a superb breakfast of blueberry pancakes with bacon and some good coffee, or a decent cake for Sunday afternoon. Try something new, start looking through your books now and plan it in.

Read it! Pick up that book you have been meaning to start and give yourself the hour to get fully immersed, on average that will be reading 50 pages or so. You can definitely get the measure of new book in that time, do it in a comfy place like bed with a coffee, snuggle up and enjoy the indulgence.

Phone it! Call someone you love and yet haven’t seen for a while, you might need to do this one later on in case they are still in bed! But spend the time catching up, and make a firm plan to see them, soon.

Sort it! You now that cupboard that is simply groaning with the amount of crap you have in it. Get up and sort it. Remember the rules, if you have not used it or worn it for six months, then either bin it or recycle it. Be ruthless, don’t horde and make some space.

Clip it! Pruning season beckons and now is the time to get your gardening gear on and get a head start on all those pesky leaves that are falling far too quickly. Prune back hard, clip overgrown hedges, and pull out any weeds. An hour probably isn’t enough yet it is a great start.

Play it! Get your kids, get your pets, get your partner and simply play a while. Find a game you can both enjoy and just for the fun of it, play together. Build something, paint something, cook something anything, listen to something or just chat, but make it playful. Oh you could also do that other thing too, which leads me to….

Love it! If you have someone special, take the hour to show them how much you love them. Do something for them. If you don’t then find something you really love, indulge yourself to fullest extent, relax in gorgeous aromatherapy bath on Sunday morning with some decent music, a tea and full on facemask. Practice mindfulness. You too chaps!

Learn it! We have all got things we would love to be better at, take the time to brush up something you want to be better at. It might be cooking, it might painting or decorating, it might be meditation or even understanding what goes on under the bonnet of your car. Find the skill you want to master and use the hour to get a head start.

Switch it! Switch it off that is. If you cannot do any of the afore mentioned tasks then have a day where you turn of every device you have, your phone, Facebook, your iPad, Twitter, the whole lot, have an hour, hopefully a day free of these infernal things that govern our lives. I sense liberation afoot.

In years gone by a band called Johnny Hates Jazz released a song called Turn Back the Clock. The lyrics went like this, “I wish that I could turn back the clock, bring the wheels of time to a stop. Back to the days when life was so much better.” Well you can this weekend, you too can make your life so much better. There are tons of ideas out there that can fill an hour; it is a decent enough amount of time. So don’t waste it in bed, well you can if you want to, you might be tired, in which case, take the time to turn the pillow over to the nice cool side when you wake up, snuggle down in the morning warmth of the bedding, close your eyes and drift away, you so deserve it.

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