SerialTrainer7’s Update 9 Top Books for Sales in 2018

Last year I posted a blog recommending some cracking books specifically aimed at Sales People, (the link is here for you) and so many of you got in touch to discuss my choices and have asked if I have any more, so here goes. I hope you like these, there are so real shining stars. It is a pleasure to recommend these authors to delegates of our sales courses at SerialTrainer7. 

The Sales Survival Handbook – Ken Kupchik

This book is written by the author of Sales Humour on Twitter and this is one of the funniest books I have read about sales. If you ever feel like you are in need of a good laugh on a Friday afternoon or you simply need a bit of boost, then this should be the book you reach for. Just be aware that people may look at you in an odd way as you laugh yourself silly in a coffee shop while you are reading it!

The Secrets of Successful Sales – Alison Edgar

Written by the Entrepreneurs Godmother herself this little pink book of real sales wisdom, and I mean real, is essential for anyone who runs their own business or needs the fundamental skills to get to grips with sales. Clearly passionate and engaging the book is broken down into Alison’s four key pillars of sales, lots of anecdotes and techniques and as the book walks you through it genuinely gives you the confidence to know that anyone can do it. This is one of the best out there right now, oh and join the authors Facebook group The Entrepreneurs Can Clan, I am there too!

The Way of the Wolf – Jordan Belfort

Anyone who knows me, will be familiar with my obsession with wolves and my sales wolf approach and process. This fantastic book, helps sales people who have been around a while to refocus the skills of persuasion and influence and the straight line selling approach.  This is a great book, written by another true sales person and is worth your money.

Never Split the Difference -Chris Voss

I always love books written by former CIA or FBI professionals as they have such an insight into the human mind, and in sales this can be really useful especially when applied to skills like negotiation. This book is written by one such person and in simple no nonsense terms explains key triggers and actions that take place in a negotiation. I find this book refreshing in its approach and is a different take on a well trod subject. See what you think.

Influence – Warren Cass

I love this book so much. As an advocate of all things Cialdini when it comes to Influence, I was trepidatious of this book, and yet it had a huge impact on me in terms of approach and practical application.  Having recommended this book to so many people I know I am not alone in my thinking, and so will you. Just click and buy this, it is brilliant.

Sales EQ – Jeb Blount

You will no doubt know Jeb Blount from Sales Gravy and perhaps from his previous excellent book Fanatical Prospecting. What stood out for me in this book was his work on understanding buyer types (so much more than the usual dross you hear) and also on prospecting and his 9-frame qualification matrix is genius. I would recommend this book for more seasoned sales people who like a little more meat on their bones.

Find Your Why – Simon Sinek

Just Wow. Anything Simon Sinek says or does seems to turn to gold doesn’t it. He says jump we say how high. The man is a legend. I know I sound like a fan, and I am, his books rock! This field book follows Start With Why and for sales people I recommend this as an approach for writing Sales Proposals. The Golden Circle formula is so relevant for todays buyers and I genuinely believe this has made a huge difference in my own sales approach.

How To Have Great Ideas – John Ingledaw

Sales people need to be creative, and there are a ton of books on creative thinking out there that leave me cold. This book is not one of those, this book I bought three times now as I have worn out the other copies!! It is so good and really allows the reading to think in ways that are multi directional, I have looked at my whole approach to Training, Questioning, Sales Presentations and Proposal Writing after reading this, it is very powerful and definitely worthy of a space on your bookshelf.

The Art of Closing – Anthony Iannarino

Well we close this blog with the last stage of sales process, closing and a book on closing.  The author wrote the Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need and yet still had more to say! Well I for one am so pleased he did, as there aren’t enough books that cover closing in this much detail. It is the easiest part of the sale in my experience, however some people need help and this book just reinforces the techniques that work, so go buy this and close some deals!

Did you like these? I hope so, I know I did.  Thanks for stopping by and if you or your business would like to talk to me about Sales Training then please do get in touch with me 

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