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The perfect partnership.

Did you read our recent news? SerialTrainer7 has now got a new Director on board, and we are celebrating! Isn’t it lovely when you know you’ve met the one, you know that perfect person who just gets you and understands you? It is a perfect partnership.  I suppose the same could be said for gin and tonic, fish and chips, Bert and Ernie…

At SerialTrainer7 we recognise that there are some partnerships that are simply meant to be and to celebrate our new partnership we are delighted to make things really easy for you and offer you some of the most popular pairings from our suite of training courses based on how our clients typically buy courses for their own businesses.

How does it work?

Simple, we have created a list of recommended pairings to make things easy for you; these are based in Sales, Management or Personal Development.

Alternatively you could create your own, you are only limited by your imagination. Just let us know the pairing you would like and we can have a chat to help tailor it to your teams and then get it scheduled into your diary.

How do I book?

Have a look at the list below, choose one of the listed pairings or visit the website to check out more, then drop us a line with your selection or and we will be back in touch with you to discuss it further, tailor it to your business and get it booked.

Personal Development Partnerships 

Assertiveness Skills and Influencing Techniques

Time Management and Personal Resilience Skills

Assertiveness Skills and Personal Resilience Skills

Conflict Resolution and Assertiveness Skills

Influencing Skills and Negotiation Techniques

Sales Partnerships

Sales Process and Sales Management Skills

Presentation Skills and Negotiation Techniques

Proposal Writing and Presentation Skills

Sales Process and Negotiation Skills

Objection Handling Skills and Negotiation Techniques

Closing Techniques and Objection Handling Skills

Management Partnerships 

Managing Performance and Time Management Skills

Strategy Writing Techniques and Presentation Skills

Management Essentials and Managing Performance

Effective Recruitment Skills and Managing Performance

Leaderships Skills and Management Essentials

We really look forward to hearing from you and creating a perfect partnership between us too

Last week Simon came into the business to give our team sales training. His style is engaging and interactive rather than the standard power-point boredom which I felt helped us all take that extra value each day from his in-depth coaching on the sales process, negotiation tactics, buying personas and even human/buyer actions and characteristics. I would highly recommend Simon for both his ability to help everyone, his charisma and the extensive range of knowledge. Simon's training has literally changed my daily behaviours and attitudes in both the professional environment desired and in my own life.

James Cullen Senior Business Development Manager. Webgains May 14, 2018

My sessions with Simon have been fantastic. I love how the training is not at all robotic or full of uncomfortable role play sessions. Everything we went through was relevant to current times and felt very up to date. Simon is extremely approachable and always reminding you that he is happy to help at anytime, so the training doesn't stop at the end of the session. Thanks Simon, looking forward to our session early next year!

John Billinghurst Brand Sales Executive, Immediate Media Co April 28, 2021

SerialTrainer7 has both inspired and encouraged our team to look after each other and to look for those early signs which sometimes show themselves when people are perhaps overcommitted or just need a little help. The training was informative and great fun and I am sure was also one of the best team building exercises we have ever done.  

Dean Hayward Sales & Marketing Manager. NMBS Limited May 14, 2018

Simon’s training engagement within ComputerWorld has been transformational for the business. The feedback from the teams that Simon’s been involved with couldn’t be more glowing around his approach, his energy and his humorous yet compelling way of delivering the content. The team look forward to his sessions and you can feel the increased energy and buzz in the office whenever he’s working with us. I think the fact many of the ComputerWorld team have without prompt written LinkedIn recommendations absolutely speaks volumes for how compelling, relevant and engaging his sessions are, and more importantly how they’ve been able to apply that learning to great effect in their roles. Looking forward to continuing the great work with Simon through the rest of 2018 and beyond

John Armstrong Managing Director at ComputerWorld November 16, 2018

Simon is inspiring and motivating. He makes training fun and interesting whilst ensuring you take away skills which you can use both in and out of work. What also sets him apart is the support and follow up after the course to ensure you’re continual personal development. Highly recommend.

Robin Sheppard September 17, 2018

. and or call 07979 537824

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