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The perfect partnership.

Did you read our recent news? SerialTrainer7 has now got a new Director on board, and we are celebrating! Isn’t it lovely when you know you’ve met the one, you know that perfect person who just gets you and understands you? It is a perfect partnership.  I suppose the same could be said for gin and tonic, fish and chips, Bert and Ernie…

At SerialTrainer7 we recognise that there are some partnerships that are simply meant to be and to celebrate our new partnership we are delighted to make things really easy for you and offer you some of the most popular pairings from our suite of training courses based on how our clients typically buy courses for their own businesses.

How does it work?

Simple, we have created a list of recommended pairings to make things easy for you; these are based in Sales, Management or Personal Development.

Alternatively you could create your own, you are only limited by your imagination. Just let us know the pairing you would like and we can have a chat to help tailor it to your teams and then get it scheduled into your diary.

How do I book?

Have a look at the list below, choose one of the listed pairings or visit the website to check out more, then drop us a line with your selection or and we will be back in touch with you to discuss it further, tailor it to your business and get it booked.

Personal Development Partnerships 

Assertiveness Skills and Influencing Techniques

Time Management and Personal Resilience Skills

Assertiveness Skills and Personal Resilience Skills

Conflict Resolution and Assertiveness Skills

Influencing Skills and Negotiation Techniques

Sales Partnerships

Sales Process and Sales Management Skills

Presentation Skills and Negotiation Techniques

Proposal Writing and Presentation Skills

Sales Process and Negotiation Skills

Objection Handling Skills and Negotiation Techniques

Closing Techniques and Objection Handling Skills

Management Partnerships 

Managing Performance and Time Management Skills

Strategy Writing Techniques and Presentation Skills

Management Essentials and Managing Performance

Effective Recruitment Skills and Managing Performance

Leaderships Skills and Management Essentials

We really look forward to hearing from you and creating a perfect partnership between us too

It’s an incredibly humbling experience to meet someone that makes a truly significant and positive impression, Simon is one of those people and for all the right reasons. Having spent 2 days on one of Simon’s courses (walking into the door with an element of scepticism) I can honestly say that I came away from the session in awe of his knowledge and natural ability to connect with people! A true master of his craft, his passion translates into an overwhelmingly valuable service where he understands what’s important to you as a business. I now feel more confident, informed and valuable as a sales person, as a result of the training Simon has provided with me seeing immediate results using his methods! Thank you Simon for the best course I’ve ever attended. Don’t hesitate to book Simon Hares... he breaks the mould but in the way we wish all people would!

Thomas Kanchanawat Business Development Manager - Green Gourmet Ltd September 17, 2018

I have had the pleasure of working with Simon for the past 6 months, during which he has provided a comprehensive management development programme to our business and coaching. Simon is a truly inspirational trainer and coach. He has an ability to engage with a wide range of staff due to his knowledge, engaging and interactive training methods and infectious personality. I would highly recommend his services to any business looking at investing in management development.  

Lisa Saunders HR Director. John Wainwright & Co. Ltd. May 14, 2018

He is a real stand out presenter and exceptional facilitator, who can quickly identify the needs of his audience and deliver sessions that are engaging, motivating and inspiring.

Richard Mason Partnership Director Motorexpo April 17, 2018

If you want to be a better Manager/Leader or want to improve your overall business skills in general, don’t waste another moment. Simon is the best trainer that I have worked with.

Michael Grinde Senior Manager. FutureUS May 14, 2018

I feel very fortunate to have gone through his management training as I felt that it helped me to re-evaluate my management skills and see where improvements need to be made.

Ying Li Accounting Manager. FutureUS May 14, 2018

. and or call 07979 537824

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