The Best of SerialTrainer7’s 2018 Sales Blogs

Welcome to the very best of the 2018 Sales blogs from  Here are the links to collection of blogs that will any sales person become sharper and more effective moving into 2019.  It doesn’t matter what level of sales person you are or how much expereince you have, we all need a bit of a polish now and then.

Enjoy the read and by all means share the love.

Happy New Year to you all, I just know you are all going to be amazing.

Big love and happiness. Simon


Why are Sales People So Noisy?

What are the 7 Signs of Sales Ageing?

Sales – Keep Sharpening the Knife 

Sales -How Do We Qualify Clients?

Sales – Beyond FAB. How can you really prove your product’s worth to clients?

Sales – How to Build Better Quality Rapport with Clients

Sales Closing – Will you do Anything for a Sale?

Are Sales People Born or Made?

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