Selling with Factfulness

Selling with Factfulness

What is Factfulness?

Factfulness – The stress-reducing habit of only carrying opinions for which you have strong supporting facts. Hans Rosling

Have you heard about the new buzzword Factfulness? There was a cracking article in the press recently about this subject based on the book of the same name written by Rosling.  It says that in a time where everyone has an opinion or a point of view that we can get very stressed trying to keep up and contributing, resulting in us reading, commenting and believing in things that are simply not based in fact and have no evidence to support them.  It only takes one person to put up on social media something particularly provocative and then another person comments and adds their own point of view or piece of conjecture and it takes off.  Fake news anyone? When we read something, if we believe it to be valid then we take it at ‘face’ value, if it has a bit more truth then we believe it in good faith, if we believe it completely and it is proven then we understand the context and it becomes part of our truth.

This got me thinking about how we sell.  In the old days we said ‘facts tell and stories sell’.  However facts are true and we do not want clients buying from us in good faith or at face value; we want them to understand and buy into the truth and context and see the true value and proof of what we are selling. We shouldn’t be spinning them a fairy tale.

As sales people we are taught to sell using features, advantages and benefits, and yet how many of these specific features are facts, based in evidence and truth?  Sales people can be brilliantly creatively, especially with information about the claims of a product “This will make you look younger as the placenta of wild seahorses is shown to have a dramatic effect on frown lines” or the claims of a market “The market place we operate in is worth over $100 million and the customers in this market are buying products just like yours, right now” or even “by using this diet and exercise plan, you will drop at least 20lb in just 3 weeks with only 20 minutes a day.”

We have heard things like this all the time, and yet when we sell we have to be mindful of building trust with the client or customer and adding real value that they can measure. This in turn helps to manage their expectations and, when done correctly can deliver sales results.

So to practice factfulness in sales, follow these Serialtrainer7 simple rules.

  1. Deliver key features and benefits that relate back to the client/customers concerns or goals, and make sure they are based in real evidence and facts that you can prove.
  2. Be sure that when using these facts that you do not, even remotely exaggerate the claims or the information, this will discredit you in the long term and damage the relationship
  3. When quoting any facts that numerical or statistically based, that you evidence the information and that you are precise with the date. Never round up or down, or even say thing like “we have almost 55,000 readers” better to say we have 52,789 readers based on our ABC figure that is available online for you to read.”
  4. Use information that has been quoted factually by other people so that you can source information accurately.
  5. When quoting someone, be sure to quote accurately and show the source of the quote.
  6. Use testimonials from other clients as the ultimately measure of effectiveness and proof that you can do what you say
  7. Edit your information so that you deliver quality over quantity, too much information and you risk the ‘padded sell’ that will bore the client.

There are so many claims made by sales people, that often they leave the client confused and unsure as to which way to turn, so when they are in this position, they turn to the facts. In summary, when you sell whether face to face, on the phone or on paper in a proposal, always us truth, evidence and supported facts to back up what you are saying to really deliver the best for your clients.

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