Do You Need Sales Incentive Inspiration? Here are some ideas.

Sales Incentive Exercises to make Great Sales People Even Better.

Have you got a totally committed and amazing sales team?

Do your sales people just love the hunt for new business or the chance to maximise growth from their existing clients?

Would you like to help them get even better?

Yes Yes Yes I hear you cry.Well here are some simple and effective methods to get that little bit more that will make that massive difference, and with Game of Thrones about to head into it’s final season, you could create a GOT themed sales day with your teams. Get them dressed up in fancy dress? Get the sales office decked out in GOT materials and images.  You could also chose to use The Avengers Endgame movies as inspiration to get people into Superhero mode!  I have run lots of these incentive days and teams really enjoy the buzz and it creates a brilliant surge to your sales, not to mention being a great fun.

‘Just one more call’

Get the entire team to make one more cold or introductory call just before lunch at 12.55 and a 5.00pm.  If the whole team commit to making one more call at these times, then statistically something good will come from it. That could be a meeting request, and RFP or even a sale.  Go on, just one more…

“Closing Bingo”

Create a bingo card using the key closing techniques, you know the stuff, the direct close, the test close, the indirect close, the alternative and the assumptive, there are so many of them too. Then run a quick closing skills training session before the team head out.  For every time they use the closing technique, they mark their bingo card, oh and it has to be witnessed, no cheating now.  Set up some prizes and watch sales come in and the skills improve.

“Objection Blaster”

Having a great sales objection handling process really helps. Get the sales team together and give them a quick session on how to overcome objections using the following technique. WRID.

Welcome it – mental state, don’t get defensive just take it on the chin.

Restate it – say it back, show you understand and have listened

Isolate it – say the words apart from, before the objection to ensure it is the only objection you have to deal with.

Deal With it – use you knowledge to overcome it.

E.g. – “So what your saying is that it is the wrong time of year to be looking at purchasing new lines?” Apart from it being the wrong time of year, s there any other reason why you wouldn’t go ahead and work with us.”

Now, whenever the client gives and objection get the sales person to use it and then watch how those objections melt away.

“Sales Treasure Hunt”

Create a treasure map on a piece of paper with a grid.  Using the grid create grid references, A6, D8 etc. Only you know where the treasure is. Every time your sales people sell something, they get to choose a grid reference and they receive a small prize. At the end of the day, reveal the winning coordinate and present the grand prize or treasure.

If you choose to run a sales incentive day, it will require a little planning for sure, however the results are a lot of fun and well worth the effort.

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