Sales – 8 Ways To Be Forward Focussed in Your Sales Questions

When you open a sales call to a client, the one thing that might irritate them the most is having the same conversation that starts like this.

“Hi John, this is Simon from Bigger Better Best, Happy New Year to you. I bet you are pleased to see the back of 2020 right, what a terrible year?”
“Hi Sarah, this is Simon from Bigger Better Best, Happy New Year, what a year that was eh? it was called 2020 but we couldn’t have seen that one coming right?”
Think about how many times your customers are going to be hearing that phrase or a version of it.
The problem with it, is that it is focussed on the past and right now that is a negative place that no one wants to revisit. Yes things aren’t that great just yet, but hope is a powerful thing and in business we need to be optimistic, forward thinking, and looking towards something brighter.
Try these openers instead.
“What are you looking forward to the most this year?”
“What key areas of your business are you going to be most focussed on?”
“How are you thinking of building on the things that have gone well?”
“What areas have actually been less affected that you initially thought and how can I help you maintain that?”
“What are you going to be doing to support your teams as the year opens up?”
“What products and services are you going to have to buy as a priority this year?”
“What are the things that are still keeping you awake at night, that I can potentially help you with?”
“What are your plans for winning back lost business/customers this year?”
Think about how you come across when talking to your clients, having a forward focussed question in mind is far better than keeping your clients firmly sat in the past.
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