Sales – Why Have a Duke When You Can Have A Prince?

Why have a Duke when you can have a Prince?

Who would you choose? If you are watching the exceptionally brilliant Bridgerton on Netflix this is the dilemma that Daphne Bridgerton has to make. Does she chose the Prince and have it all, or does she choose the Duke and really have it all.

In sales we often offer our clients choices, but we can be dazzled by our own PR. We often think that just because we have the biggest selling, biggest audience, market leading product, then that must be the first choice.

Well think again.

Sometimes those things are not as relevant to the client as we might think. Personal service, a tailored audience, a calibrated product spec even a higher price can be more appreciated than the all singing all dancing market leader.

That said….

The market leading, biggest selling with bells and whistles might just be the right thing too.

It is up to us to find out and to match the relevant solution to the client.

Now, back to those choices, Duke or Prince….

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