Selling with Factfulness

Selling with Factfulness What is Factfulness? Factfulness – The stress-reducing habit of only carrying opinions for which you have strong supporting facts. Hans Rosling Have you heard about the new buzzword Factfulness? There was a cracking article in the press recently about this subject based on the book of the same name written by Rosling…. Read More

Sales – What are the Key Questions that can help you Close?

  Sales – What are the Key Questions that help you to close? Sales training is so important to business; after all if your team are not selling effectively then you really don’t have much of a business.  Recently I posted a blog called Nil By Mouth that reinforced the importance of sales people using… Read More

Are you committing Digital Sales Suicide by Pouncing on Readers?  

Are you committing Digital Sales Suicide by Pouncing on Readers?   I love reading blogs don’t you? Getting insight into people, products, services and points of view. Terrific stuff. This blog is written as a cry for help to anyone who puts blogs out as I believe that from my own point of view and… Read More

Nil By Mouth – The New Sales Person

“You see those little black boxes, those are called telephones. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. They are not going to dial themselves. Without you they are just worthless hunks of plastic ” The Wolf of Wall Street “I get better results if I just email.” “My clients don’t like talking… Read More

SerialTrainer7’s Update 9 Top Books for Sales in 2018

Last year I posted a blog recommending some cracking books specifically aimed at Sales People, (the link is here for you) and so many of you got in touch to discuss my choices and have asked if I have any more, so here goes. I hope you like these, there are so real shining stars…. Read More

Do You Speak LinkedIn?

Have you ever received a message on LinkedIn from a member like this one? Infuriating right. Who really speaks this way? It appears that more and more people are learning this new language, and it would appear to be coming from LinkedIn. As you can see from this image the only people qualified to ‘reach… Read More

Trick or Treat – Does Your Employer Care or Scare?

Hallowe’en comes around quicker and quicker don’t you think? We still have groups coming around each year dressed up in spooky outfits, with adorable made up faces and armed with little buckets ready to be filled with sweets and good things, and that is just the adults!