The Management Academy Suite of Training

All organisations need to have its employees managed, after all if they aren’t managed then how will they know what they are supposed to be doing and how will they know when they have done well? Management professionals require specific techniques to help them get the best of their team and the people who make them up. With today’s employees being more sophisticated than ever to different management approaches, the requirement for relevant up to date skills has never been in more demand, and today’s message is about protecting the business, protecting the employee and protecting the manager.

The Management Academy from SerialTrainer7 is a suite of single day sales training courses that build skills over a period of months usually one every five/six weeks, allowing managers the chance to use the techniques in real time and then develop them further in their job.

The training courses are highly relevant, as they are delivered by a management professional with over 30 years experience and so can truly empathise and share experiences that are meaningful and applicable. The content of the courses allows for active discussion, meaningful theory and experienced based techniques together with an element of fun and interactivity.

Once each full day training session has been delivered, Simon Hares is on hand for any enquiries, help or support that the managers need. They can contact him through Facetime, Zoon, Skype, email or phone and he will ensure they that have the answers and help they need. This supports the team and the business fully, so that there are no concerns about delegates feeling left out in the cold between courses.

Feedback on each delegate is given so that the manager’s manager can effectively apply the skills in their day-to-day roles. Upon completion of the Management Academy, there is the option for certificates to be provided.

Module 1. Stepping into Management – An Overview of Management Approaches

Module 2. Managing Performance & Motivation

Module 3. Management Organisational Personal Effectiveness

Module 4. Management Planning & Strategy Creation

Module 5. Managing Recruitment & Co-ordination

Module 6. Managing Influence and Leadership

Module 7. Managing Conflict

Module 8. Management Coaching and Training Skills

Module 9. Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

Module 10. Managing Culture and Change

Module 11. Management Communication and Personalities

Module 12. Managing the Managers Confidence and Resilience

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Simon helped me develop my career, and has supported me the whole way. Simon saw my potential and pushed me in the right direction.

Polly Beauchamp Rights Manager. IP & Commissioning. Future

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