Sales Training Advocacy

“After a long search finding the right training program for our Benelux sales team, we found a partner in Simon who really makes a difference to our business. Different levels throughout our organisation (from operational sales to sales management) have benefited from a rich and down-to-earth content presented in very enthusiastic and interactive training sessions. Combining a general program with individual coaching and focus on specific area’s resulted in a very intense and attractive program for all.”
Kenny Van Riel, Managing Director, Van Moer N.V. (a division of Williamson Dickie Mfg.Co.)

“Simon’s training opened our eyes to the techniques and skills that can be adopted to strengthen the way we deliver our offering. It was a brilliant training. Simon kept the team engaged for the whole day and so much of what was delivered was able to be put into action immediately. For the team at Hobsons Choice, this is very much only the start of our education in honing our sales skills, but we are confident that we have found the right trainer for us.”
Richard Carter, Owner, Hobsons Choice

“Simon has been training the sales team here at Briefing Media for a few years now and never fails to leave a team who are motivated and raring to go! In depth expertise, passion, knowledge and enthusiasm oozes from head to designer toe! The team are more confident, able to see things from a new perspective and now are equipped with a much wider set of sales tools.”
Stephanie Ryder, Head of Commercial Sales and Development, Briefing Media (Farmers Guardian)

“Working with Simon is one of the best decisions I’ve made. He has brought so much to the sales team and made us a stronger organisation. He is on hand whenever you need him and he really does offer post training assistance to delegates, something most trainers fail to deliver. Personally I find him a great sounding board and would strongly recommend working with him. Without doubt a great man and someone I know I will always stay in touch with.”
Andrew Boxer. Sales Director. Factory Media

“Without a doubt, Simon is the best trainer i have worked with. He has the tools and analyzing capabilities which helped me perform better and see immediate results. He is fully dedicated to helping and has a very simple but effective guiding method which I appreciate. I would recommend him to any company that is interested to get more out of their sales team!”
Niv Silberman Account Manager Yachting Pages Media Group

“Simon’s training technique and his personality are an inspiration to me. He gets his message across very efficiently and tailors his approach to each individual. He realises the importance of how everyone is different and his advice and training is always relevant and specific. I enjoy my training sessions with Simon very much and always come away with a positive feeling and excitment of putting his advice into action. Simon has a way of making you feel respected and valued and I am grateful for all the knowledge he has passed onto me. I truly believe his intentions are to make me better at my work but also as a person. I am very happy to recommend his training to anyone wanting no nonsense training and advice in sales”
Laura Presley Account Manager Yachting Pages Media Group

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Simon, I’ve found him very motivating, everything what he says is relevant, very effective, he listened to me and gave me lots of ideas that have proved to work, as a difference from other trainers he definitely got me thinking and making positive changes in my relations with my clients. As a sales person I’ve found his training extremely helpful.Thank you Simon and I hope to continue working with you in the future.”
Eli Araujo-Goral Account Manager Yachting Pages Media Group

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Simon over the past couple of months and unlike other training I’ve received, with Simon I feel like he genuinely cares and isn’t just going through the motions, he has a fantastic ability to boost your confidence and his advice is practical and forward thinking. I hope to continue to be able to work with Simon as I feel I could continue to learn and grow under his tutelage. ”
Carrie Stocker  Senior Account Manager Yachting Pages Media Group

“It is extremely rare to meet someone who has a natural ability to help people out professionally and personally, Simon does both effortlessly and with grace. I have had the pleasure of being involved with group sessions and 1-2-1’s with Simon and have left the training feeling refreshed, informed and better about the position I am in within my career. The sessions are fun and informative and have a energy about them that makes you want to learn and impress your peers. I would highly recommend Simon to anyone from a small company to a global organisation. Simon, I would like to personally thank you for all of your help and advice while you have trained me, your expertise and extensive knowledge have made me a better person in and outside of work!”
Lauren Lidford. Account Manager. Factory Media

“You hit the nail on the head with what was on offer and the presentation karaoke was genius, I have forwarded glowing reviews to all concerned.”
Jim Clark. Senior Analyst. Econsultancy. (Attended Presenting Magically).

“I just wanted to say thank you for such a great training session. You shared some great presentation skills tips and t was great to put theory into practice with the presentation karaoke, which is a great idea.”
Lynette Saunders. Senior Analyst. Econsultancy. (Attended Presenting Magically)

“I have recently been part of a 2 day training course with Simon.
Before the sales training I had in my head that he would be the same as all other training. (Someone telling you how to sell, use of cameras and uncomfortable pressure which stops sales people from learning) Simon, from the start wanted to know about the sales team, what makes us tick, what we need to be able to succeed rather than what the company wants or thinks we need. His understanding of all processes in the sales funnel was amazing. This man is brilliant, and every business wanting to make more money should implement SerialTrainer7 to do so! Thank you Simon ”
David White. Sales Manager. Intelligent Optimisations.

“We here at Factory Media chose Simon over a number of other trainers as his approach was relevant, unique and specifically tailored to the business. Initial feedback from the team included “the best sales training I have ever had” and within days of the sales training being delivered we noticed an uplift in quality of sales calls and more importantly an improvement on sales.”
Chris Brown. Head of Sales. Factory Media

“We asked Simon to come and deliver one of his sales workshop to the high growth tech startups in the Accelerator Academy… Upon delivery it was clear Simon had nailed it…we would have no hesitation inviting Simon back to share his expertise.”
Ian Merricks. Managing Partner. White Horse Capital, Investor: Accelerator Academy.

“Simon has helped me with almost every aspect of my sales role and shown me a real science yet personal route to closing.”
Tom Radburn Advertising Brand Manager. Factory Media

“Simon’s program was one of the most professional and valuable to date. The training is not only valuable, it is proven to work and has helped me close more sales.”
Tad Perez Advertising Manager Future US

“Simon has done an amazing job job training and mentoring multiple teams and individuals for FutureUS. Feedback from the masses was extremely positive and many said they were able to apply the new skills immediately. I highly recommend you reach out to Simon if you are searching for corporate training for your organisation.”
Rachelle Loranger Considine. President. FutureUS.

“Simon has a remarkable way of tying real world examples to what we encounter every day in our working lives. Due to Simon’s training, I have seen significant improvement amongst the sales team members in negotiation skills, closing and opening sales techniques, and presentation performance. Simon has taught the team that preparation is key. Sales people must interpret where they are in the buying sequence and also identify what motivates their clients to purchase”
Stacy Gaines. Director of Sales. Future US

“I still use Simon’s sales process mnemonics, his tips on upselling and resilience have helped me as my career has progressed.”
Max Elvin. European Agency Sales Manager. NetMediaEurope.

“His training has had a direct influence on the success I’ve seen as a sales manager.”
Austin Park. Regional Sales Manager. FutureUS.

“Simon’s services are not just a luxury there are a necessity, if you want to better yourself and improves your skills as a sales professional, I wholeheartedly recommend Simon without hesitation.”
Jen Doerger. Sr Sales Manager. FutureUS

“It is not an exaggeration to say that if it weren’t for the training, support and guidance I received from Simon that I would not be in the position in work that I currently am.”
Tony Marshall. Operations Manager. Hewitson Walker

“Simon organised and ran one of the first sales management courses I ever attended and much of what I learnt by way of coaching and managing a sales team then, I still use today.”
David Fieldhouse. Digital Sales Manager. Archant

“I started at Future as part of the graduate scheme with no idea what to expect and very little sales training. I’m now approaching two years with the company and not a day goes by without using some element of the training I received from Simon.”
Chris Furness. Sales Executive. Future

“Each course I have attended has been impeccably organised and presented, his knowledge has been exhaustive and his enthusiasm infectious.”
Charlie Lister. Senior Sales Executive. Future

“Simon Hares has made a significant difference in how our sales team view their roles as individuals and as members of a team. Please do not hesitate to call for additional information. I’d be more than happy to share my personal growth experience as well!”
Stacy Gaines. Director of Sales. Future US.