7 Tips That Might Help Sales People Protect Themselves from Redundancy

Redundancy. A painful process for anyone. Often it comes out of the blue with no warning. So many businesses are reducing sales staff levels due to the pandemic, very often when an sales person is faced with redundancy they ask themselves “why me? What did I do wrong? I was bringing in revenue, hitting my… Read More

Making Your C.V. Work Harder

Making Your C.V. Work Harder Outline – To help individuals craft a C.V. that really demonstrates not only their responsibilities, but also their true achievements and value to a potential employer. The overall message- “Your C.V. is your personal shop window, displaying you as the must-have item.” Are you in the process of seeking new… Read More

Reinvention – The Alarm Clock Moment

Reinvention – ‘The alarm clock moment’. Those of you who read my recent blog on dealing with change “Over My Dead Body.” might have detected that I was dealing with something. No shocks dear reader, I was. I had been made redundant. Redundant after 16 years I might add. Before I go on, I see… Read More