SerialTrainer7’s Update 9 Top Books for Sales in 2018

Last year I posted a blog recommending some cracking books specifically aimed at Sales People, (the link is here for you) and so many of you got in touch to discuss my choices and have asked if I have any more, so here goes. I hope you like these, there are so real shining stars…. Read More

Top 12 Recommended Books for Sales People

Every sales training course or coaching session that I deliver always incorporates supporting material to bring to life the skills, tips and tactics offered throughout.  Lots of delegates like to have a recommended reading list to go through and keep as part of their tool kit. However, there are so many books out there that… Read More

The Leader Manager’s Journey Agenda

How do I become a better Leader Manager?  The Leader Manager’s Journey  “Whatever type of manager you are, be a good one.” Abraham Lincoln The Overall Message The manager has a role that can be as tough as it can be rewarding. This one-day or two-day ‘journey’ encounters the main tools and techniques required to… Read More