Collaborate -The Acceptable ‘C’ Word in Sales

Collaborate The Acceptable ‘C’ Word in Sales Collaborate Verb “They collaborated with him on numerous projects’ Join (up), join forces, get together, come together, band together, work together, unite, combine, merge, form an alliance, pool resources and club together How much do I love selling? Probably as much as I love the film Glengarry Glen… Read More

Sales – Stop Thinking About Your Targets!

Sales – Stop Thinking About Your Targets… When I train sales people, I often get asked the question “how can I hit my sales targets more frequently?” Before I get a chance to answer, the question is usually followed by a long list of reasons why they think they are not hitting target, and to… Read More

Top 12 Recommended Books for Sales People

Every sales training course or coaching session that I deliver always incorporates supporting material to bring to life the skills, tips and tactics offered throughout.  Lots of delegates like to have a recommended reading list to go through and keep as part of their tool kit. However, there are so many books out there that… Read More