A Moment to be Mindful…Do it Right Now

A moment to be mindful…do it right now.     Isn’t that a lovely feeling? Just being present with yourself. Fully aware of being in the moment. This very moment. Non-judgmental. Knowing that you are well. Everything at this moment is good. Nothing can hurt you. You are completely present. Focussed on only now.

Back To The Future – Would You?

October 21st 2015- Back to the Future Day- How many of us watched that film for the first time all those years ago and thought “2015, that is such a long way off”? Yet here we are and time has flown by. Still no flying cars though….

TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA – The Fear of Friday 13th to you and I

Triskaidekaphobia – Fear of Friday 13th to you and I… Today is Friday the 13th, and for many this presents a day constantly looking over their shoulder, watching how many drains they walk over, saluting magpies and general crazy behaviour resulting from limiting beliefs. There are a group of people for the fear or phobia… Read More

Willpower – Your New Super Power

Willpower- A Superpower All of it’s Own! Well how are you getting along with those resolutions? Got your CV sorted? Stopped smoking yet? Started that new spinning class you promised yourself? How about the excess weight has that started to shift? Oh and how about that nail biting? Resorted to dipping your fingertips in mustard… Read More

Back to School – New School Year Resolutions!

Back to School – New School Year Resolutions? The return of the usual routines, habits and often enforced stress. Ahh the chime of that famous phrase ringing out from TV’s and Radios everywhere throughout the school holidays, torturing kids with the endless reminder that time is passing fast, and sooner than they think they will… Read More

The Journey Away from Stress using Mindfulness

A Journey Away from Stress using Mindfulness. We know that stress is out there, and like a toxin, it is poisoning our lives both personally and professionally, impacting on those around us. In order to get through it, a journey into understanding the dread, the anxiety and patterns we fall into to try and cope needs… Read More

Nostalgia – The Way We Were

Nostalgia-The Way We Were. “Memories, like the corners of my mind, misty water coloured memories of the way we were.” Have you ever been accused of living in the past? Always living in the ‘good old days’? In previous blogs, I have attempted to tackle the subject of change. However, more and more I am… Read More

Mindfulness-The Journey of the Caterpillar

    Mindfulness-the Journey of the Caterpillar. This blog is a reflection of my first session along with nineteen other people with Huw Griffiths of Bath Mindfulness this past weekend. I had chosen to embark on the mindfulness journey having read a lot about it online and in books, and many trainers and coaches often… Read More