Progress Report-New Year’s Resolutions

Progress Report-New Year’s Resolutions How are those New Year Resolutions starting off for you? The return of the usual routines, habits and often enforced stress. You might have decided to embark on a resolution to help create a new habit or to improve yourself. How is that working for you? Are you beginning to see… Read More

The Journey Away from Stress using Mindfulness

A Journey Away from Stress using Mindfulness. We know that stress is out there, and like a toxin, it is poisoning our lives both personally and professionally, impacting on those around us. In order to get through it, a journey into understanding the dread, the anxiety and patterns we fall into to try and cope needs… Read More

The Leader Manager’s Journey Agenda

How do I become a better Leader Manager?  The Leader Manager’s Journey  “Whatever type of manager you are, be a good one.” Abraham Lincoln The Overall Message The manager has a role that can be as tough as it can be rewarding. This one-day or two-day ‘journey’ encounters the main tools and techniques required to… Read More

Reinvention – The Alarm Clock Moment

Reinvention – ‘The alarm clock moment’. Those of you who read my recent blog on dealing with change “Over My Dead Body.” might have detected that I was dealing with something. No shocks dear reader, I was. I had been made redundant. Redundant after 16 years I might add. Before I go on, I see… Read More