Time Management – A Marathon and a Pomodoro!

Time Management & Pomodoro – Feel Like You’re Running a Marathon? I will start by referring to the Pomodoro; it is a type of tomato AND a technique to help with time management, and more on that in a few paragraphs time. Here in Bath the city is buzzing as the annual marathon event known… Read More

If I Could Turn Back the Clock – Top Tips for an Extra Hour

Tomorrow we all get to ‘turn back the clock’ as the clocks go back an hour to allow for daylight savings in the UK. We often hear people saying “finally an extra hour in bed” and as lovely as that sounds, there must be something more productive that could be done with this extra time…. Read More

Time Management – Focus People! Distractions and Discipline

Time Management – Focus People! Distractions and Discipline Why is it so hard to manage our time? There are any number of time management courses, tools, tips and techniques available and yet we really struggle. How many of you out there reading this, really should be doing something else that is far more important but… Read More

Does the Devil Wear Prada? A Pep Talk for PA’s

Does the Devil Wear Prada? A Pep talk for PA’s-The Unsung Heroes and Heroines. What a brilliant film, Meryl Streep was totally mesmerising as Miranda Priestly, she lit up the screen with her silver hair and her lines crackled like electric. Sheer brilliance. Her suffering PA played by Anne Hathaway was the ultimate heroine throughout,… Read More