Ingrid Maher Roberts

April 28, 2021

Simon’s reputation has always been that of being an outstanding trainer who really has a long-term impact on those he delivers training to. This obviously was always going to be more challenging due to Covid-19 restrictions and not being able to meet teams face to face. Simon from the start realised that he would not be able to deliver a training course to the team in the same way via Zoom. He understood that you can’t keep a team of people engaged for 7 hours via Zoom. It just would not have the same impact as face the face training. He therefore completely adapted his approach using shorter group sessions and discussions and also doing longer one to one follow up meetings. The team loved it! They were completely engaged and found his approach both warm and engaging. I could not recommend Simon highly enough. You definitely do not need to wait to have training return to being all in the same room, Simon’s skill and ability to adapt to the changing work environment is truly inspirational.