Kevin Saunders

September 17, 2018

I've just completed the Wainwright Management Academy delivered by Simon Hares of Serial Trainer 7.

Without doubt the most informative, engaging and enjoyable training I have received to date.

Work based training can often be seen as getting in the way of the 'day job' but this was a privilege to be part of. It delivered so much in such a dynamic and enthusiastic manner it was impossible to be anything other than stimulated by it. The content was excellently tailored to our needs, and challenging which added to the experience. I believe both the course content and Simons approach has helped galvanised the team and given us the knowledge and tools to help take the business to another level. A competitive edge has definitely been gained.

The only disappointment is after 9 months the training has come to an end.

Would I recommend this training........ Absolutely!