Stewart Dyer

September 17, 2018

I have just had the privilege of attending Simon's sales training course, and it has left me feeling completely recharged and focused. His knowledge, enthusiasm and insight has left me compelled to share my opinions of Simon as a trainer and as a person. My experience of sales training in the past has been less than positive, putting it mildly, and as such I will be honest that I was not entirely confident that this would be any different. I could not have been more wrong. From the moment Simon began the course I felt compelled to listen to every word. Simon immediately captured my attention and his knowledge and insight was hugely impressive. He really knows what he is talking about, but more than that he continually put the teachings and methods into context. So many can talk-the-talk, but very few leave you convinced that they had been there, done it, and got the T Shirt time and time again. That is what really stuck with me in the days after the training, Simon really knows your challenges in sales as he has clearly lived and breathed it. I have learnt a huge amount in my time with Simon, and am already putting into practice what I have learnt from the training. Most of all I feel I have gained in confidence, and this is from just two days spent with Simon! As a person, he is engaging, motivational, empathetic and driven - with a wicked sense of humour that I could relate to! My company has already booked follow up training with him, such was the success of the two days, and I look forward to working with Simon again. Highly, highly recommended!