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Clients & Testimonials

"Business goes where it is needed and stays where it is welcome." - Anon

This is a special part of my site, somewhat self indulgent, and something I am very appreciative of; however when people generously take the time to create a testimonial, I want to share them so that you can see for yourself what people have said about me and how useful they have found my training.  Indulge this humble training consultant sharing some of these with you.

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My Wonderful Clients I've Trained & Coached

General Advocacy for SerialTrainer7

Simon in a wonderful training and has you at ease from the word go. The most knowledgeable and most engaging trainer you will ever meet. His people skills, his stories and his charisma put him top of the class for all your training needs! Couldn't recommend him enough.

Adam Howe Admin and Clerical Recruitment & Placements Consultant at NHS Professionals

Simon leads his training sessions with enthusiasm and heart. He opened my eyes to sales strategies that seem so simple but are so often missed. We completed three sessions via Skype. I keep some of the materials he sent me through our course taped at my desk, as they include great daily reminders on questioning, closing techniques, defining value and beyond!

Danielle Brosh Account Executive at FANDOM

In a word, Outstanding. Simon uses the traditional management techniques as a core but more importantly he has adapted these methods to work in the modern business environment as so much has changed in how we work and manage people. This makes his course more relevant and more useful than other trainers that use outdated information and practices. He delivers his training in a friendly yet authorative and confident manner with clever use of practical exercises to reinforce the methodologies being used. I now feel confident in any business situation knowing I have a robust and adaptive toolkit to hand which I have used several times already, I have also noticed this training has helped in many personal situations, being able to analyse and deal with issues with confidence. This is not some 'dry' training that enables a business to say they invest in their staff, this training is for businesses that want their employees to reach their full potential with full support all the way.

Peter Meech Technical Director at Network N Ltd

SerialTrainer7 has both inspired and encouraged our team to look after each other and to look for those early signs which sometimes show themselves when people are perhaps overcommitted or just need a little help. The training was informative and great fun and I am sure was also one of the best team building exercises we have ever done.  

Dean Hayward Sales & Marketing Manager. NMBS Limited

Sales Training Testimonials for SerialTrainer7

Simon’s training technique and his personality are an inspiration to me. He gets his message across very efficiently and tailors his approach to each individual. He realises the importance of how everyone is different and his advice and training is always relevant and specific. I enjoy my training sessions with Simon very much and always come away with a positive feeling and excitment of putting his advice into action. Simon has a way of making you feel respected and valued and I am grateful for all the knowledge he has passed onto me. I truly believe his intentions are to make me better at my work but also as a person. I am very happy to recommend his training to anyone wanting no nonsense training and advice in sales.

Laura Presley Account Manager. Yachting Pages Media Group

Simon has been training the sales team here at Briefing Media for a few years now and never fails to leave a team who are motivated and raring to go! In depth expertise, passion, knowledge and enthusiasm oozes from head to designer toe! The team are more confident, able to see things from a new perspective and now are equipped with a much wider set of sales tools. Looking forward to your next visit.  

Stephanie Ryder Head of Commercial Sales and Development. Briefing Media

It is refreshing to meet people like Simon during your career and an absolute privilege to be trained by them! Having just completed three days of sales training with Simon i can honestly say that as an experienced sales professional I have left feeling refreshed and focused. We worked through many new techniques which will undoubtedly result in an increase in both sales for myself and more importantly for my clients. Simon delivers his training in a way that keeps you engaged and invested in your learning. Priceless! Thank you Simon and I look forward to being taking part in future courses.

Helen Johnson Business Development Manager for The Medicine Maker

Simon Hares has made a significant difference in how our sales team view their roles as individuals and as members of a team. Please do not hesitate to call for additional information. I’d be more than happy to share my personal growth experience as well!

Stacy Gaines Director of Sales. Future US.

Personal Development & Coaching Testimonials for SerialTrainer7

Simon is a good listener and a great motivator, nothing is too much trouble.

Kate Stothard Asst Manager. Future PhotoStudio

Simon is ridiculously good. There, I said it. Be it training, coaching, strategic or professional advice-his enthusiasm to solve any problem and the world a better place is completely contagious. Work with him once and you’ll be enthusing as much as I am.

Sean Atkins Digital Director. Future Plus

Passionate about training staff, Simon enthusiastically delivers training to ensure it not only meets the needs the staff but exceeds the companies expectations in quality. Training does not stop in the classroom for Simon, he provides support and advice to those who train with him and he is honest, perceptive and compassionate. A real pleasure to have been trained by him and to see someone love their job as much as he clearly does.  

Joanne Cleeve Account/ contract manager. NHS Professionals

He is a truly lovely person and a very skilled trainer and business coach.

Richard Foster European Managing Director. Krux Digital

Management Development Testimonials for SerialTrainer7

Highly Recommended!! Having just completed the Serial7 Management Academy, I wanted to say Simon is almost certainly the best trainer I have encountered. He was insightful, engaging and knowledgeable, but importantly, also very adaptable, tailoring his training to the needs of the pupils in front of him. He brought an energy to the training that made, with what could have been very dull subject matter, the time simply fly by. Never afraid of probing questions on the topic at hand and always willing to hear other’s points of view. It was very telling at the end of the sessions, that there was not one bad word for Simon! Altogether, Simon and Serial7 should be on any organisations contact list for training needs. Hope to have the pleasure of Simon’s coaching/mentoring/training again in the not too distant future.

Robin Snow Assistant Manager at John Wainwright & Co Ltd

Simon was recommended to us just under 12 months ago when we asked him to run a Selling Skills Workshop for our Sales team. Simon is enthusiastic, engaging and a complete expert in his field and the training was some of the most successful we have delivered. Since then I have come to view Simon as an extension to our HR function providing training ranging from Customer Services and Resilience through to Communications Skills and our next exciting project of creating a management academy for our first line managers. Without Simon I simply wouldn’t have been able to deliver this calibre of training to our teams within my budget. I trust in his delivery entirely and always find we are on the same page when we discuss the outputs required from training. He has fantastic insight through his work with so many organisations worldwide and uses a great blend of the fundamentals of any given subject with the latest thinking and application in today’s forever changing workplace. Simon is a pleasure to work with and I’m thrilled to call him part of the Green Gourmet team.

Caroline Barnes Head of HR at Green Gourmet Ltd

If you want to be a better Manager/Leader or want to improve your overall business skills in general, don’t waste another moment. Simon is the best trainer that I have worked with.

Michael Grinde Senior Manager. FutureUS

I have attended four different training sessions hosted by Simon. Each and everyone of them were insightful and practical. The activities and discussions during the training were interesting and definitely helped me understand each subject matter better. I not only learnt a lot about the subject but about myself too. I highly recommend Simon for management and sales training.

Pin-Ju Chiang Network Director, Network N

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