Buy – Ology – Understanding the Buyers Perspective





Buy – Ology – Understanding the Buyer’s Perspective

This course allows sales people to think more like their clients and really get inside the minds of buyers.  This course puts sales people on the other side of the desk and will cover the following areas.

  • How Client’s Buy – the universal buying sequence used by anybody buying anything and anytime
  • Why Client’s Buy – A look at the key motivators that drive someone to want to buy something
  • Client Typology – How to sell to different types of buyer depending on their motivation, their point of view and even their handshake
  • Understand the key button pushers in business. What really matters to a buyer and why
  • How to change your approach as a sales person depending on the client in front of you
  • Understanding exactly what buyers are telling us that they want.
  • How to avoid the three key pitfalls that sales people fall into with clients.

This course is exciting and challenges sales people’s perception of buyers. To find out more contact or contact Simon directly on 07979 537824. Thank you for considering the services of SerialTrainer7.

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