The Sales Process




The Sales Process

A minimum of a 2-day course that can stand-alone or be used as part of a Sales Induction and that can be adapted to run up to a maximum of 5 days. This course uses discussion, games, activities and non-textbook language to challenge and engage sales people to really focus them to want to get out there and sell, making not only themselves money but also their clients money too.

  • Stereotypes and Sales People  A look at how sales people have evolved, contrasted with the sales stereotype that has remained static. This introduction gives delegates an understanding of their perception from a Buyer’s point of view and what they can do to improve it.
  • Understanding the Buyer  A session that looks at how people buy products using the universal buying sequence and bringing in the five key motivators that drive purchasing from need, want, desire or opinion-based points of view.
  • Understanding Sales People  A session that identifies the five key types of sales behaviour demonstrated by sales people and how to adapt each one depending on the client’s motivation.
  • Understanding the Power of Insight  Addressing the ‘value proposition’ offered by sales people and the three key areas that will affect the client’s decision to buy and how missing one of these can cost a sales person the sale.
  • Preparing your Insight  A look at the effectiveness of preparation and how it can affect the outcome of the call. This session also includes getting through to decision makers, working with gatekeepers and creating a great opening line.
  • Conversation or Interrogation?  Traditionally sales training empowered sales people by getting them to ask open and closed questions to establish a need. What if there isn’t one? This session balances the concept of questioning against questioning with opinion and insight to establish not just needs, but also business problems, aspirations, and strategic goals which the sales person can then work with to create a great value driven solution. In addition the session identifies communication skills in terms of artful questioning that goes above and beyond the open and closed question.
  • Matching and Selling Value  Features and Benefits have played a huge role in sales training, but for some reason even the most seasoned sales people can struggle to offer these, opting instead for features and facts alone. By identifying more from the client and using insight on the markets, sales people can successfully offer a solution that will deliver value. Furthermore this session addresses how sales people can manage client’s expectations in terms of response and how to deal with this recurring issue.
  • Asking for the Business Clients do not like being manipulated, the old technique of ‘if I can show you a way of XXXX will you do XXXX’ has had its day and clients are very savvy to this technique. Using simple straightforward statements that are in effect closing techniques, sales people will be equipped with methods of asking for the business without feeling like they are applying the ‘hard sell’.
  • The Devoted Client  Customer service has never been more important and in today’s world where the human touch is being replaced by technology, the sales person needs to consider the client’s expectations and align it with the experience they have to offer in terms of service. This session demonstrates techniques that move from merely satisfying a client and delighting them, to creating devotion and dependency.

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