Effective Team Building Skills





Effective Team Building Skills

What makes an effective team? Would even know what an effective team looks like? If we have an effective team, how do we keep it effective?

Teams come in so many different varieties, yet as managers, we have to be able to get the very best out of them so that the business achieves objectives and strategic plans.

This course is crafted individually for each organisation that requests it. Sometimes the outcomes can vary on what time of team building is required. Examples include:

  • Team building for a newly formed team
  • Team building for an established team who have a new manager
  • Team building for a department or area of a business that has been exposed to change or redundancy as needs to be re-energised
  • Team building for a department or group that has had no development or is polarised in it’s role and cannot be developed further through conventional training methods
  • Team building for a group who are performing well and need to be rewarded in a way that brings them even closer together
  • Team building with a view to establishing strengths and overcoming weaknesses of a non – communicative team.

The course is often be created using a blend of popular:

  • Team dynamic and individual contribution development with psychometric tests or personality profiles.
  • Activities that stretch and challenge team members based on their identified strengths
  • Games and Team challenges to inspire and motivate
  • Cerebral activities that focus on either a project outcomes, a commercial outcome or a strategic outcome.

To discuss the development of a team building day then please email simon@serialtrainer7.com or call Simon Hares on 07979 537824. Thank you for considering the services of Serialtrainer7.

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