Small Business? Does Size Matter?

Small Business? Does Size matter?

Never let anyone say you are running a ‘small business’

In the last few weeks I have been working away in the US and there is a great deal of noise being made about small businesses.  This made my own ears prick up, as I am one such business owner.  Lots of talk about how hard it is to be a start up or to run a small business, how it can be a struggle to go it alone or take the plunge and how it can knock confidence when things don’t always go right.  spiralling costs, insecurity about the future. What a lot of negativity? When I was listening to what was being said, the use of the words ‘small business’ were being used a great deal, too much in fact. So much so that it was almost becoming an embedded command. You are a small business, you act like a small business, you are will always be a small business…. small.

Not a chance says I, well shrieks actually directly at the TV screen. Yes it may only be me (shortly to be one more) but let me tell you this I continued to holler.

  • Are the hours I work small?
  • Are my clients small?
  • Is my work ethic small?
  • Is my service small?
  • Is my reputation small?
  • Is the amount of effort I deliver for my clients small?
  • Do my clients see me as small?
  • Do I act like I am small?
  • Is the value I deliver to my clients small?
  • Is my mindset for business small?
  • Is the revenue the sales people deliver as a result of my training small?
  • Are the managers I train a result of something small?


So if you are thinking of starting a business, have recently set up a business, or have been running a business of whatever size, you are not, never have been or ever will be, small.

It is a mindset thing. Think big, dream big, and be big. Read inspiring books like Good to Great by Jim Collins, The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz, and Start with Why by Simon Sinek.

Be the best you can be, don’t sweat the nasty stuff, we learn from it. So many people only dream of what we do, we are living their dream, in vivid colours every day. Now go run your big business in your big way.

Thanks for reading, this dose of positivity has been brought to you by Simon Hares at SerialTrainer7 Ltd, a big training company.

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